Safe Healthcare: Gas & Equipement Solutions

We prioritize efficiency, thoroughness, and above all, safety. As leading specialists in medical gas pipeline installation, our expert teams oversee design, engineering, and installation across numerous medical sites, with additional services in Training, Maintenance, and Spares.

TOL Gases Ammonia Gas Tank

Flow Meter

To pass gases from gauge to the user/patient.

TOL Gases Ammonia Gas Tank

Hose Nipple (Chrome)

TTo assist the connection of pipe to fit in the regulator.

TOL Gases Ammonia Gas Tank

Medical Regulator

It controls oxygen flow from the tank, ensuring precise doses for patients. It regulates gas usage effectively.

TOL Gases Ammonia Gas Tank

Nut (Chrome)

Fasteners used in automotive, engineering, and industrial applications usually need to be tightened to a specific torque setting, using a torque wrench.

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